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Genre Help: Horror

Hey, y’all! How’s that writing coming along?

Today in Genre Help, I’ve compiled a list of links to help further understand and write HORROR (Wiki page definition). (With some appropriate music~ X)







Dark Fantasy



Etc (X/X/X/X/X)

FEARS (in Children)

Common Things Kids Are Afraid Of ~ Things that may not scare adults but are very real to children

Children and Fear ~ Includes stages of life and fears most common in those years (ranges from infants to teenagers)

FEARS (in Adults)

100 Things That Scare Me ~ Not all are life-or-death situations, but a good place to start thinking of ‘the worst case scenario’

Adult Fear (TVTropes) ~ With links and examples

Nighttime Fears and Adulthood ~ Interesting short article of the effects of unresolved childhood fears in adults (namely the dark)

Lingering Fears From Childhood to Adult ~ Another article


Abandoned Area (TVTropes)

Top 5 Overused Horror Settings

Horror, Mysteries and Setting: Playing On The Unexpected

Creating An Environment For A Horror Story

Horrific Setting/Scene ~ Almost looks like a writing prompt/English paper assignment, but a good place to look over and get an idea


Rule of Scary (TVTropes) ~ With examples at the bottom

Classic Structure of the Horror Novel

13 Tips For Writing Horror Fiction

Generic Horror vs. Innovative Horror


The Phobia List

Horror Tropes (TVTropes) ~ Long list of links related to different aspects of horror. Includes setting, characters, expansion on genres, etc.

Nightmare Fuel (TVTropes) ~ Gives examples (and links) of different things people may (or may not) be terrified of, such as mutilation, the paranormal, extreme violence, being hunted, etc.

I personally find this a tricky subject, but I’d recommend tapping into your own personal fears and reflect that into your writing as best you can.

Try also thinking about the way some horror authors write, like Stephen King or Edgar Allan Poe. Read into some if you haven’t.

Comments? Questions? Advice? Feel free to submit!


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